Wish Your Customers a Happy Spring

Sending well-wishes to customers is second nature for holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Day. But those aren’t the only good times to let customers know you appreciate them. In fact, you might be better off wishing your customers a happy spring. Here’s why:

The element of surprise: When you send greeting cards wishing customers a happy spring, you’ll catch them off guard. It will be unexpected, and unexpected events are memorable events.

Low competition: When your winter holiday greeting cards arrive in the mail, guess what? They’re just another greeting card in a sea of competing greeting cards. Spring greeting cards, on the other hand, face little competition for customer attention.

It’s time to buy:
While the winter sales season gets all the attention, the spring sales season can be just as profitable – and more so for some businesses. Spring cleaning, home improvement projects, lawn and garden projects, and the fact that warmer weather motivates people to get out and shop all contribute to excellent spring sales potential. When your greeting cards include a special promotion or coupon, you can reap the benefits.

So, why send greeting cards instead of other marketing materials for your spring promotions? Because greeting cards do not look like junk mail. They are opened, read and understood. They have a personal touch that makes customers feel valued, and they will repay that sentiment with loyalty. Plus, greeting cards are cheap to print and mail.

For all of these reasons, sending greeting cards to customers to wish them a happy spring is the perfect pitch that can ultimately lead to major sales. That’s why you should wish your customers a happy spring with greeting cards this year.


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