Opportunity Ripe for Graphic Designers: Online Greeting Card Sales

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A press release I found on Digital Journal reveals the results of an IBISWorld industry market report for online greeting card sales in the United States.  And the results, my friend, mean that rapidly growing online greeting card sales presents an excellent income opportunity for graphic designers.

The report states that the industry has grown more than 19 percent over the past five years, with a 17.5 percent increase this year alone, despite diminishing advertising spends for online greeting card retailers.  Last year Americans spent more than $3.5 billion on online greeting cards, which gives you 3.5 billion reasons to consider designing greeting cards for online sales.

Now more than ever, graphic designers can take advantage of greeting card design as an income opportunity.  Whereas greeting cards have been traditionally purchased in department stores and specialty Hallmark shops, the online environment allows graphic designers to reach customers without having to go through, or share profits with, the big boys.

Though large greeting card retailers dominate the online market, there is plenty of room for independent graphic designers to make plenty of cash with online greeting cards.  You don’t have to sell through an existing retailer; you can create your own greeting card brand inspired by your own unique style and attitude.  Doing so will create a singular demand only you can fulfill.  One excellent example:  Roger That!, which prints “laboriously handmade greeting cards for smart people.”  A quick Google search for unique greeting cards will yield dozens of similar results.

The best part is you don’t have to handle the printing and shipping, if you don’t want.  Site such as Zazzle can take your greeting card design and handle everything else.  Or, maximize your profits by printing your own greeting cards with an experienced online printing company such as PsPrint.  And when you add on services such as custom notes and “free” mailing, you can turn your greeting card design business into a profit-pounding machine.

There’s no question that graphic designers make more money when they establish a niche and brand.  Boutique, specialty greeting card shops allow creative liberties not possible in the big-name retail stores.  A surge of online greeting card sales – with no predictable end in sight – makes online greeting card design an opportunity to generate income on your own terms.



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