Increase ROI With These Envelope Design and Printing Tips

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You know direct-mail marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target customer base one-on-one and motivate sales.  That’s why you carefully construct your sales letters and sales packages to generate the best  possible return on investment.  But how much consideration do you give to your envelopes?  As the first thing potential customers see, your envelopes can either be barriers to message delivery or marketing tools in their own right, designed to increase your open rate and ultimately your return on investment.  You can and will increase your return on investment with the following five envelope design and printing tips.

1.  Design your envelope to command attention

In a sea of other envelopes, a striking envelope design will ensure your direct mailer gets noticed.  Incorporate bold, contrasting colors into your envelope design, give your envelope a color background or incorporate a unique, funny or intriguing photo or artwork on the front.  Forget the basic black font on a white background; have fun with your envelope design, and it will stand out and be opened.

2.  Motivate opens with teaser text

Why wait until your recipients open your envelope to reveal your benefits and special offer?  Ask a question, make a statement, or give your discount right on the front of your envelope.  It’s the best way to create desire before your customers even read your marketing materials!  Try variations of the following examples:

“Are you tired of paying hundreds more each month on your mortgage?”

“Reduce your mortgage payment by $100 or more today – GUARANTEED.  Find out how inside.”

“50% OFF Refinancing Fees!”

3.  Create action

A call to action can help motivate customers to open your envelope, but sometimes taking them directly to the sales step can be prohibitive.  Instead, focus on your special offer by delivering a call to action on your envelope that lets customers “in the club.”  A classic example is to place a sticker on the front of your envelope that can be peeled off and placed on the order form to redeem the special offer.  This strategy puts your great deal front and center and forces customers to think about why now is the best time to buy.

4.  Upgrade your envelope

Instead of the basic white business envelope, print envelopes on premium 24-pound synergy bond.  The paper adds an air of prestige and credibility.  It seems important, so customers will open your envelopes.

5.  Choose premium discount printing

Print envelopes online with a premium discount printer, which offers high-quality envelope printing at discounted rates.  Be on the lookout for deals that will allow you to print envelopes for less and increase your return on investment dramatically.


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