Increase Sales by Following Postcards With Phone Calls

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Direct-mail postcard printing is one of the most efficient and profitable marketing strategies, but you can dramatically increase your return on investment when you follow postcards with phone calls.  Reaching out to your customers on a personal level helps customers feel more comfortable buying from you, allows you to answer any questions they have and lends insight to how you can tweak future postcard mailer campaigns for future success.  Here are a few tips for follow-up phone calls.

1.  Reference the mailer

Help customers visually connect the postcard they received with you.  This will also help you determine how many people actually noticed your mailer.

2.  Be yourself and care about the customer

Too many telemarketers are like robots; they read entirely off a script and have no genuine interest in the customer.  It’s good to have a script, but don’t be afraid to deviate from it.  Let your customer control the conversation and listen.  Determine how your product or service can genuinely help your customer; and if it can’t, then don’t try to push the sale.  Establish a repertoire, and even people who are not interested now could come back with huge business later.

3.  Add an additional discount or add-on

If your postcard mailer promoted a special discount offer, you can use your phone call to deliver an even greater discount to motivate immediate purchases.  If customers still aren’t immediately sold, give them a few days to take advantage of the offer.

4.  Be brief

Don’t give customers a recited speech; have a conversation with them.  And keep it brief.  Your phone call is unexpected, so respect their time.  If they’re busy now, schedule a call for a more convenient time.

5.  Agree on the next step

Determine what will happen next.  You might email some more information and follow up with a phone call the next day.  Or, you might schedule a sit-down with your customer.  Always make sure both you and your customer are well aware on what the next step is and when it will take place.


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