More Proof Print Isn’t Dead


I’ve touched on this subject before, but I’ve tired of hearing that mantra so beloved by web advertising firms:  “Print is dead!”  The fact is that print isn’t dead at all; In fact, it’s alive and well, according to the U.S.  Commerce Department, 2012 July commercial printing shipments were up $139 million over July 2011.  This is especially noteworthy given:

  • The dip in commercial printing shipments in the past few years
  • An economic crises that led to a slow marketing material market
  • An increase in online advertising opportunities and dollar spend

Which begs the question:  What factors have led to an increase in printing shipments – and, presumably, sales?  I think it’s because print remains a cost-effective and measurable way to reach target customers in a variety of venues.  I think because marketers have found that direct-mail marketing remains the best way to make sure your message is read by your customer base.  I think because we’ve found that print marketing in conjunction with online marketing yields the best possible results.

Sure, there have been changes; and your local printing companies may be suffering.  But that’s because larger printing companies can offer higher quality and lower prices globally, in an online format that is accessible to everyone.  It’s competition, and those who have taken advantage of online and specialty printing opportunities have not only survived, they’ve flourished.  Marketers who take advantage of such services achieve the best possible return on investment, so their respective companies in turn flourish.

Print marketing isn’t dead; it’s just evolving. That’s what winners do.



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