Forget Orange and Black: New Colors for Halloween Design

If you want to spice up your Halloween designs this year, it’s time to try some fresh new color schemes. Orange and black have been done to death, so here are a few colors you can play with for your own Halloween poster, greeting card, invitation and other graphic designs.

1. Titanium

Not quite grey, almost purple, titanium catches the spirit of the non-color that seems to float in the air on fall mornings. It’s a great Halloween color, and it goes with just about anything.


2. Honey Gold

Honey gold is a variation on the tried and true candy corn yellow, with the added bonus of being a rich and inviting hue. It’s like golden sunshine on a crisp fall day, or the deep yellows of apple cider.


3. Rose Smoke

Rose smoke is just the right dash of red, set against a flat gray. It’s the color of campfire smoke during a sunset in the late fall afternoon, and it’s perfect for any richly detailed Halloween design.


4. Emberglow

Consider the glowing coals in the campfire as you sit around roasting marshmallows, and you’ll know exactly why this color is a winner for Halloween designs.


5. Nougat

Dark browns have run their course in Halloween designs, so why not go for the smooth, nutty brown of nougat? You get the autumn brown of Halloween along with the color of a candy ingredient – perfect for Trick Or Treat night.


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