5 Pocket Folder Designs You’ll Never Forget

Pocket folders are perfect marketing and sales tools for providing customers with a high volume of information or high-impact, focused design and copy.  Every business can benefit from strategic pocket folder printing and marketing, but not all pocket folders (also known as presentation folders) are created equal.  To make sure you leave a lasting impression on your clients, spark your creativity with the following five pocket folder designs you’ll never forget.

1. The Imaginarium of Extraordinary Ideas by Bianca Couto

This incredibly creative, die-cut popup pocket folder helps the brand illuminate its key selling points.

The Imaginarium of Extraordinary Ideas on the Behance Network - Google Chrome_2012-07-06_12-31-33

The Imaginarium of Extraordinary Ideas on the Behance Network - Google Chrome_2012-07-06_12-31-40


2. Hershey’s Press Kit by Tiffany Valdez

This design features a unique type of foil stamp to represent the foil on Hershey’s Kisses and other chocolates.  Sweet idea!

Hersheys Press Kit on the Behance Network - Google Chrome_2012-07-06_12-36-35


3. SwitchIt by Michael Selby

The designer was a student when he developed this unique pocket folder design, created to increase energy usage awareness.  The die-cut shapes and color contrast command attention, while the inserts actually go over light switch plates and remind people to be conservative with energy use. Who says pocket folders aren’t interactive?

SwitchIt - KU Visual Communication - Google Chrome_2012-07-06_12-40-34

SwitchIt - KU Visual Communication - Google Chrome_2012-07-06_12-40-44


4. Lugo by Kerr Vernon Graphic Design

A clean, familiar, friendly design characterizes this pocket folder design that employs the inside of the folder as a marketing tool and uses plenty of white space and several shades of blue for a minimalist appeal.

Lugo - Award-winning Graphic Design Agency, Glasgow  Branding and Logo Design -_2012-07-06_12-43-10


5. Hello USA! by Genia Narinskaya

This unique folder was a degree project for the student designer, who was challenged with incorporating a lot of information into a small, useful, and easy-to-read space for people who just moved to the United States.  The designer pulled it off beautifully by breaking down useful information into specific categories and separating them with sub-folders.

Hello USA! degree project on the Behance Network - Google Chrome_2012-07-06_12-44-21

Hello USA! degree project on the Behance Network - Google Chrome_2012-07-06_12-44-38

Hello USA! degree project on the Behance Network - Google Chrome_2012-07-06_12-44-46

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