8 Awesome Presidential Caricatures

The hallowed office of the President of the United States of America: Commander-in-Chief, Leader of the Free World, host to and guest of international men (and women) of mystery – and, of course, immortalized forever in caricature form. Here are eight of my favorites.

Bill Clinton caricature by Sebastian Kruger

Kruger’s amazing caricatures are masterful works of art, but his not-so-subtle detailing is what really makes his work stand out.

George W. Bush Caricature by Tonio

These were easy to find and difficult to choose, but my favorite was this sketch by Tonio on ToonPool.com.

Abraham Lincoln Caricature by Court Jones

Some of the best caricatures radically exaggerate already-exaggerated facial features, and Court Jones’ rendition of our 16th president is one of the most hilarious I’ve ever seen.

Ulysses S Grant Caricature by Ron Coddington

A true American hero with an oversized head and ears that could have given him an aerial view of Gettysburg.

Jimmy Carter Caricature by Jerry Breen

Some caricatures are less about physical features and more about policy, as in this political cartoon featuring Jimmy Carter nearly 30 years after he left office.

John F. Kennedy Caricature by Duncan MacPherson

It was said that JFK was difficult to caricature because he was handsome, unlike so many other presidents, and therefore had little in the way of facial flaws to exaggerate. I think MacPherson pulled it off quite nicely.

Richard Nixon Caricature by Herblock

Herblock was one of the finest political cartoonists – ever – and this caricature of Richard Nixon is simultaneously humorous, poignant and scary.

Barack Obama Caricature by Nick Anderson

The current Commander-in-Chief isn’t exempt from this list by any means – I love Anderson’s enthusiastic rendition of our president!

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