5 Small Business Tips for Spring Success

I have five great ideas that will help your small business be more successful this spring and summer. Try these:

1. Makeover your marketing materials. Are your business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures and web pages stale? Give them a spring makeover and customers will take notice.

2. De-clutter. By this, yes, I mean clean your desk, your office, your work space. But that’s not all: you also need to de-clutter your life. Ever notice how you can end up with 10 projects on your plate, especially after a long and cold winter when there’s little else to do? De-clutter your life, outsource work and focus on the things that will propel your business forward.

3. Get outdoors. Your marketing should be outdoors in the form of posters, flyers and banners, because your customers are getting outside. But you should get yourself outdoors as well. Breathe the fresh air. Take a walk to consider a difficult problem. A bit of clean oxygen will help you make better choices.

4. Reward employees. Look, they’ve spent all winter cooped up with you. Give them some time away so they can recharge. They’ll come back reinvigorated, loyal and happy, which will translate into efficiency and profits for you.

5. Spend family time. It’s easy to be consumed by operating a small business, but you really need to take time out for your family and other leisure time. It’s important to remember why you’re working so hard in the first place – and to reap the rewards of your hard work.

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