Stevan Dohanos: King of Summer, Illustrated

Stevan Dohanos is the king of summer illustrations.  When you think of nostalgic summer art prints – you know, those old “Saturday Evening Post” covers – you probably recall the style of Stevan Dohanos.  The Ohio-born artist designed 125 such covers during his career, many of which bear his hallmark styles and scenes that lay the foundation for summer halcyon memories.  I’ve plucked just a few of these gems to share with you today.

“No Girls Allowed” – August 9, 1932

No Girls Allowed Saturday Evening Post Cover, August 9, 1952 Giclee Print by S_2012-06-26_08-41-53

Dripping Cones – July 29, 1944

Dripping Cones, Saturday Evening Post Cover, July 29, 1944 Giclee Print by Ste_2012-06-26_08-51-24

Baby and Nail Polish – July 22, 1950

Baby & Nail Polish Saturday Evening Post Cover, July 22, 1950 Giclee Print by _2012-06-26_08-52-52

Pete’s Double Headers – September 22, 1951

Pete's Double Headers Saturday Evening Post Cover, September 22, 1951 Giclee P_2012-06-26_08-54-41

Packing the Car – September 8, 1956

Packing the Car Saturday Evening Post Cover, September 8, 1956 Giclee Print by_2012-06-26_08-55-59

Lighthouse Keeper – September 22, 1945

Lighthouse Keeper, Saturday Evening Post Cover, September 22, 1945 Giclee Prin_2012-06-26_08-57-00

Labor Day Picnic – September 11, 1954

Labor Day Picnic Saturday Evening Post Cover, September 11, 1954 Giclee Print _2012-06-26_09-05-11

I pulled all of these images from; if you want to see more or print your own Stevan Dohanos posters, you can find them here!

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