5 Sizzling Summer (Super Cheap) Marketing Tricks

June 4, 2012

Unless you are a tourism, travel, landscaping or other hot weather business, chances are you let your marketing slide a bit during the summer months.  Many small businesses are prone to lackluster summer sales precisely because they are owned and operated by sole proprietors, who are busy with kids’ ball games, barbecues and family vacations.

If that describes you, then you’re missing out on great opportunities to grow your business during the summer.  After all, when your competitors are slacking off, it’s the time to strike and steal business.  Grow your business this summer with the following five simple summer marketing tricks.

1.  Door hangers are cheap, fast and easy

With everyone clamoring to get on board the social media train, opportunities for effective and cheap marketing are being missed.  Door hangers are perfect summer marketing tools because they’re fast, cheap and easy.  You can make door hanger marketing fun by recruiting friends and family members to volunteer.  Assign teams on a Saturday morning and take to the sidewalks, blanketing targeted neighborhoods.  Once your door hangers are distributed, treat everyone to a pizza party or barbecue to reward them for their efforts.  You’ll get cheap door hanger printing, free distribution, and measurable return on investment with just a few hours of work – and still be done in time to make the big game.

2.  Establish your brand with posters

Poster printing is dirt cheap, even for premium posters, and allows you to put your brand in front of the public-at-large as well as targeted customer bases fast and easy.  Print large posters to place on walls, windows and doors in high-traffic areas as well as near those places your customers frequent.  You can use posters to make a direct sales pitch so long as you include a coupon code or specific followup that allows you to measure your return on investment.  The main benefit, however, is branding; by taking a few hours to distribute posters, you can put your brand to work all summer long while you sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

3.  Gain mass attention with vinyl banners

Like posters and door hangers, large-format vinyl banners are cheap to print and distribute.  Like posters, they can be placed in both high-traffic and customer-specific areas.  Vinyl banners half more “shelf life” than both posters and door hangers, and so a single vinyl banner can reach tens of thousands of potential customers in a single month.  There are few better ways to get more bang for your marketing buck, so print vinyl banners and take them along when you distribute your door hangers and posters.

4.  Get a booth

Summer is festival season, which means there are plenty of booth rental opportunities that will put you in front of mass audiences.  Take advantage of the opportunity to promote your brand, but don’t squander your ability to attract attention and follow-up sales.  Put on a demonstration, call attention to your booth with posters, flyers and banners, and hand out more information and freebies such as sales data sheets, magnets and notepads.  Booth rental is only expensive when you don’t receive a return on your investment, so you should work toward generating leads with response cards or fill-out forms.

5.  Profit with postcards

Direct-mail marketing increases your investment by tacking on postage, but it saves money in terms of the time spent to distribute.  Even the best volunteer team can’t blanket a target customer base like direct-mail marketing can, and postcard marketing is cheapest way to do it.  It’s also one of the most effective.  Start with a targeted list, develop a compelling time-limited offer, and print postcards your online printing company can mail.  You can do all of this in just a few hours; do it right, and you’ll have plenty of customers knocking at your door all summer long.

If you want your business to thrive this summer, not just survive, then take some time to plan cheap, high-return summer marketing strategies such as those listed here.  You’ll make more money and still be able to enjoy all the fun summer has to offer.

About the Author:

Brian Morris serves in various capacities as a freelance writer, content developer and public relations specialist for growing small businesses. His previous roles included managing editor for a hometown newspaper and club bartender for a group of quasi-alcoholics. When he’s not writing, he’s usually counting lost follicles and wondering what he ever did with his time before his two children were born.
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About Brian Morris

Brian Morris serves in various capacities as a freelance writer, content developer and public relations specialist for growing small businesses. When he’s not writing, he can be found on the racquetball court - usually getting his tail kicked by guys 20 years older.

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