6 New Things to Print for Spring Marketing This Year

Spring marketing is an exciting time for many small business owners because many customers are venturing out to get some fresh air and some hot deals after a long winter indoors. The tried-and-true marketing staples are always popular: postcards, brochures, posters, banners and catalogs. But you can get an edge on your competition by printing several marketing tools you might have never considered.

When you reach customers in areas your competitors don’t, you stick out in their memory – and stand a greater chance of closing sales. This spring, try printing these six marketing tools to maximize your profits.


Haven’t considered bookmarks as a viable marketing tool? Take a walk through a popular park or your local library and see how many people are reading! Hand out bookmarks to those you see, or give bookmarks to local libraries, bookstores and schools to give away. Print a fun design your readers will love on the front and your marketing message – complete with a special offer – on the back.

2. Table tents

Restaurants aren’t the only businesses that can profit from table tents. Strike a deal with local restaurants to rent space, or offer to print table tents with their message on one side and yours on the other in exchange for placing them on their tables.

3. Rack cards

Notably, tourist and travel businesses take advantage of rack cards. But you can print rack cards for any type of business and place them in popular diners, hotels, and entertainment venues to promote your brand and distribute special offers.

4. Notepads

Nearly everyone has a notepad near their telephone; distribute notepads to your target customer base to ensure your message is noticed whenever the phone rings.

5. Stickers

People love to personalize their cell phones, so why not print stickers that can be affixed to phones. They should have popular designs as well as your brand name.

6. Magnets

Print magnets that have value, such as a sports schedule or mini-calendar, so your customer base will place them on their refrigerators. They’ll become daily references that also promote your brand name and coupon code special offers.

4 Responses to 6 New Things to Print for Spring Marketing This Year

  1. Brandon February 27, 2012 at 11:16 am #

    Who in their right mind (who isn’t a 13 year old girl) puts stickers on their cell phone???

  2. Brian February 27, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

    Brandon, it all comes down to creative marketing. If you can come up with a sticker concept that is useful or has value, or that represents a target audience’s ideology or personality, then you have an opportunity. Here are two companies that do well with cell phone stickers: http://www.uniqueskins.com/ and http://www.skinit.com/. Similar designs could be applied and given away for free with branding attached.

    That being said, the “13-year-old girl” demographic is an incredibly lucrative market. :)


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