10 Tips for Direct-Mail Marketing Success in 2012


Want to be a profit champion from your direct-mail marketing in 2012?  Consider implementing the following 10 tips for direct-mail marketing success.

1.  Super selective mailing list

It’s no secret that the more targeted your mailing list, the better you can angle your offer and the greater your response rate.  Take time to refine your list demographics on a super niche level, and reap the rewards.

2.  Try a new demographic

Reevaluate potential customers to develop a new demographic that could be receptive to your products and services.  You might have to repackage your pitch, but increasing your customer base is well worth the effort.

3.  Test different copy

There’s more than one way to say the same thing, and the words you use in your direct-mail marketing copy can have a major impact on your response rate.  Try two or three versions of different headlines on small portions of your list to determine which yields the best response rate before launching your full campaign.

4.  Go high tech

QR codes and augmented reality codes printed on your direct-mail marketing materials make it possible for you to immediately engage and interact with customers via their mobile devices.

5.  Go social

Invite recipients to join your social networks, and offer incentives to do so (such as being entered in a drawing when they like your Facebook page).

6.  Postcard-to-website marketing

Postcard marketing that drives traffic to your website continues to be one of the best methods of direct-mail marketing.  It’s also extremely cost effective, especially for catalog companies that can list a few of their offers on a postcard and ask customers to visit their websites to see their full catalogs.

7.  Newscards

Newsletters are perfect for establishing credibility and maintaining customer relationships, but can be a bit cost prohibitive for some small businesses.  What’s more, our Twitter-fied world relishes information in small bites.  Newscards, which are newsletters printed on postcards, allow you to quickly give customers a shot of information without breaking the bank.

8.  Add value

Make your direct-mail marketing materials valuable to get in front of customers time and again.  Magnets with favorite team schedules, calendars, and helpful booklets are all excellent examples of value-added direct-mail marketing materials.

9.  Request customer feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask your best customers to evaluate your marketing materials.  Many will be happy to help you succeed.  After all, they’re your best customers because they already love your work.

10.  Look for discounts

You can significantly raise your return on investment by getting the best deal on premium printing.  PsPrint routinely offers discounts of up to 50 percent or more on many direct-mail marketing materials.

About the Author:

Brian Morris serves in various capacities as a freelance writer, content developer and public relations specialist for growing small businesses. His previous roles included managing editor for a hometown newspaper and club bartender for a group of quasi-alcoholics. When he’s not writing, he’s usually counting lost follicles and wondering what he ever did with his time before his two children were born.


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