Free E-Valentine Cards Say … You’re Cheap

What e-Valentine cards are you sending to your friends and loved ones this year? The Cupid with the fluttering wings? The pulsating heart? The kissing lips?

I’ll tell which e-Valentine cards I’m sending: None of them. No animated .gifs for me. Why? Because they say you’re cheap. Or, in my humble opinion, they say you’re corny. Cheesy. Trite. Banal. Clichéd.

Obviously I’m not a fan of e-Valentine cards, whether free or paid. Instead, I think anyone worthy of a Valentine’s Day card is worthy of a professionally printed sentiment, one that takes time, thought and consideration; something that says that you care in earnest.

Think about it from the recipient’s point of view. If you were to receive an e-Valentine card with a Cupid shooting his arrow, what would you think? “Wow, what a cute … waste of time,” right? Now, if you were to receive a custom Valentine’s Day card in the mail, hand-signed and stamped, would you feel that the sentiment was more genuine? I sure would.

This isn’t to say you have to create a special Valentine’s Day card for everyone on your list, but it’s worth mentioning that you could design a custom Valentine’s Day card – one that could only come from you – and print 50 of them for about $28 (the sale price on PsPrint at the time of this writing).

Now, you have 50 MEANINGFUL Valentine’s Day cards to send to your special someone, your family, your friends and even your top clients. I wouldn’t be caught dead sending my clients a cheesy e-Valentine card, but a professionally printed greeting card I would be proud to send. And, I’m sure, my sentiment would be appreciated.

So before you log on and click “send,” ask yourself: Do you want to be Casanova or Cyrano? Words are cheap – action reaps rewards. Don’t take the cheap way out this year; instead, invest in professional greeting cards that demonstrate how much you truly appreciate the people in your social and business circles.

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