Free Funny Valentine Cards Ideas

Sometimes the best way to send it with love is to send it with a smile. Here are my favorite free funny Valentine cards ideas you can use for your graphic designs this February.

Cupid’s follies: Many an artist has taken advantage of this theme. When Cupid’s arrows are misdirected, hilarious things can happen.

Switcheroo: A classic tenet of comedy is to set it up so that your audience thinks you’re going one direction then quickly change with the punchline. For example: “My sweetest, your will is the most important thing in my life … (open card) … now hurry and get on with it so we can divvy up all this loot.”

Funny animals: Think a dog with a box of chocolates, a monkey counting flower petals or a crooning alley cat are all overdone? Think again – there’s a reason funny animal Valentine cards are perennially popular in February.

Awards: It’s always funny to give out a humorous award, and you can easily do this by adding a foil stamp to your Valentine cards. In fact, you can come up with a whole series of awards based on stereotypes. For example: “Congratulations! You’ve won the Least Likely To Remember It’s Valentine’s Day Award… 20 years running.”

(Not so) sexy: Walk into any novelty gift shop and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. There really is a market for grossly obese, hairy and ugly models!

Do you have any free funny Valentine cards you’d like to share? Post a link here!

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