Hot Off the Press: 2014 Calendar Design

It’s the time of year when calendar pop-up shops appear in malls, and bookstores make way for datebooks and wall calendars. I still primarily rely on print calendars. I have wall calendars at home and work, and I tote around a big ol’ datebook. Why so old-school? Because I like the visuals – I want to see my week and month spread out in front of me rather than scrolling through my teeny digital calendar and having to click on each and every date for details.

A lot of companies design and print calendars every year and hand them out to customers. I visit my favorite Chinese restaurant the day before Thanksgiving to enjoy a meal with friends and pick up my free wall calendar – eight years in, it’s a beloved tradition. Other businesses sell the calendars they print for profit or to raise funds and awareness. What they all have in common is they know calendars are marketing tools that are looked at every single day by their owners – calendars are an excellent way to keep your brand top of mind.

This week’s “Hot Off the Press” features calendars PsPrint has printed the past few months as our customers gear up for 2014. If you haven’t yet finished – or even started thinking about – next year’s calendar, fear not. You can easily design your own with PsPrint’s downloadable calendar templates in a variety of sizes.

By the way, while a number of these calendars are customer handouts, some of them are available for sale, including nonprofit Nitartha International’s Tibetan calendar and PsPrint’s neighbors, the West Oakland Hoodcats.

If you require design inspiration that’s not calendar-related, then please have a look at the previous “Hot Off the Press,” which included Batkid information cards we printed for last week’s event organized by PsPrint customer Make-a-Wish Greater Bay Area.

Design and photography by Adam Myatt for Hoodcats


Design by Ellen Custer at 2d-a design collaborative and photos by Eugene Commercial Photography’s Rob Sydor for GC3 Specialty Chemicals


Design by Brandon Kight Visual Creations for Early Iron Of Ukiah’s Fabulous Flashback Car Show


Judith Bair


Design by Liz Thompson for New Jersey Farm Bureau


Monterey Bay Mortgage


Design by Dan Stoner for Autoculture


Re/Max Gold Coast Realtors


Design by Tenzin Namdak and Stephanie Johnston for Nitartha International


Design by Dolomite Designs and photography by Helen Coe for Krum Christian Group


Design by Rebecca Johnson for Paufve Dance


Cultural Survival


Houston Pilot


Design by Sandra Tayler, art by Howard Tayler, and Travis Walton as colorist for Schlock Mercenary


J. Daniel Duck


Design by Vincent Burkhead Studio for Joslin Orthopedic Gear


Design by Adam Ratner for the Marine Mammal Center


Design by Jennifer Case for Traverse City Tourism


Design by Jocelyn Bernatchez and photo by Ian Mackenzie for Skydive Arizona


Design by Tony Budenz of smallGIANTdesigns and photography by Lauren Kelliher for Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus


Design by Shoestring’s Eric Hoffsten for Foundation for the Contemporary Family


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