Hot Off the Press: Centerbeam Photo, Pandora and More

Happy Halloween! Today is a holiday that lends itself to spooktastic design, but from here on out it’s time to focus on the rest of the holidays in autumn and winter. Indiana-based Louis Capwell told me he ordered branded stickers for an upcoming event his company, Centerbeam Photo, is shooting that is based on the movie “The Polar Express.”

“Every year, a number of tourist railroads – there must be more than 50 railroads that participate, I’d imagine; it’s very popular! – do a train ride based on the movie, complete with the reading of the book, songs from the movie, a visit from Santa and so on,” Capwell said. “We photograph every little kid and their family with Santa Claus, making prints available both on site for purchase and also online to purchase later.”

The stickers Capwell ordered will mark the back of the folders that accompany his prints sold on site and also will be used on envelopes of prints customers order after the event.

“I’ve found that stickers are a great way to communicate my brand and add some real personalization to otherwise boring take-home materials like print envelopes,” he said.

Look no further than this week’s “Hot Off the Press” for more creative – and inexpensive! – ways to promote your business. With November upon us and this holiday shopping season shorter than ever, it’s time to get crackin’ on your marketing plans. Last week’s “Hot Off the Press” included 2014 calendars and weatherproof banners – essentials for winter campaigns!

Sticker design by Louis Capwell for Centerbeam Photo


Postcard design by Kiri Moth for Marigold Project


Greeting card cover for cityHUNT


Postcard design by Leadtooth for Two Hands Chiropractic and Acupuncture


Sticker design by Melee Convergent Media’s Heather Philpott for 10Ten Pacific


Postcard design by Jeff Ho for Pandora


Brochure cover design by Jon Kay for Fangamer


Hang tag design by Brian Lee and Chad H. Nelson for Cowboy Comb


Sticker design by Voula O’Grady and logo by Nathaniel Russell for Bay Area Girls Rock Camp


Back of business card for Sqor


Booklet design by Kate Plows for Malvern Preparatory School


Postcard design by Jonathan Howard Katz and Leigh Schanfein and photos by Lucas Chilczuk for Periapsis Music and Dance


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