10 Quick Booklet Marketing Tips

Booklet marketing is a great way to help customers connect with your brand. More than simple sales tools, booklets are value-added compositions that customers often want to keep on-hand for reference – and every time they reference your booklets, they’re exposed to your brand, products and services, which helps reinforce the idea that you’re the trusted authority in your industry. If you want to print booklets that foster long-term brand loyalty, employ the following 10 quick booklet marketing tips.

1.  Give value to your customers

Your entire booklet should be themed around giving value to your customers. “How-to” guides make perfect booklets: “How to Pick the Perfect Paint,” for example, or “How to Landscape the Backyard of Your Dreams.”

2.  High-quality content

When you create content for your booklet, start by approaching your subject with a journalist’s mind. That is to say, don’t worry about marketing your products and services at this point; instead, focus solely on crafting content that your customers will find valuable. This practice will help you create a booklet that is sincere, honest and genuinely useful; thus, you’ll generate trust and confidence in your brand.

3.  Include helpful images

Pictures, illustrations, charts and diagrams can help clarify information for your readers. Images also break up the text and make for a more interesting read.

4.  Infuse products and services into the content

Once you’ve written your first draft, comb through it and find opportunities to reference your own products and services. Don’t overdo it, and don’t make recommendations where they don’t belong. Again, the goal is to make your booklet a valuable resource. Naturally, there will be many cases in which your products and services can help your customers.

5. Compare product and service tiers

If you have different tiers of products and services, dedicate a few pages of your booklets to comparing the benefits of each. This will help customers make better buying decisions for their unique circumstances, which will in turn lead to happier customers overall.

6.  Promote your stuff

Dedicate pages, boxes and sidebars to promoting your products, services, events, locations, newsletters, online catalogs, and social media profiles. It’s OK to “advertise” in your own booklet, so long as there is a clear separation between promotion and “regular” copy.

7.  Include interactive features

QR codes, augmented reality and links to mobile apps can enhance reader experience, so include them in your booklet whenever it makes sense.

8.  Find discount booklet printing

You can print premium booklets at discounted rates when you keep an eye out for special deals on booklet printing. Doing so will reduce your investment and increase your return.

9.  Opt for Wire-O binding

Wire-O binding is more durable and elegant than saddle stitch binding; it also looks more formal and makes it easier to turn the page.

10.  Intelligent distribution

Make sure your booklets get to your target customer base, either via direct mail, in-person handouts or by placing booklets where your customers frequent.


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