20 Creative Easter Marketing Advertisements

Forget St. Patrick’s Day. Easter is the first opportunity after the huge Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year winter holidays for marketers to launch no-holds-barred marketing campaigns. The timing is perfect: consumers have largely recovered from winter holiday spending and many have received tax return checks. Spring is in the air, and customers are ready to get out of the house, shed cabin fever and start shopping again.

Now is the time to sell because customers want to buy, and Easter marketing is a great way to kick off the spring sales season. Of course, that means your Easter marketing has to be top-notch in order to attract customers (and lure them away from your competitors). For your inspiration, here are 25 creative Easter marketing advertisements that can get your own creative marketing juices flowing.

1. “Magic Easter” outdoor advertisement by Unitas/rnl

Magic Easter Outdoor Advert by Unitasrnl  Creative Advertising & Commercials_2014-03-24_10-58-59-Optimized


2. Fashion retail stores Easter egg print ad by Magnet Advertising

Fashion Retail Stores EASTER EGGS Print Ad by Magnet Advertising  Creative A_2014-03-24_11-01-39-Optimized


3. Easter greeting card by Celementine

Google Image Result for http1.bp.blogspot.com_SLEmarmr7CcS722n7dOBgIAAAAAA_2014-03-24_11-02-42-Optimized


4. Dark Easter Ale “Unleash the Bad Rabbit” campaign by RBH

RBH - Award winning creative agency based in the Midlands  Unleash The Bad Rabb_2014-03-24_11-04-35-Optimized


5. Shoppyland print ad by KOMET, Bern

Google Image Result for httpfiles.coloribus.comfilesadsarchivepart_165616_2014-03-24_11-07-30-Optimized


6. Heineken chocolate beer ad

45  Most Creative Easter Advertisements  1 Design Per Day - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_11-09-09-Optimized


7. Singapore Zoo Easter egg hunt ad

Creative Easter ads [15 pics] Zoo Easter Egg hunt, 2000 – Adbranch - Google Chro_2014-03-24_11-12-06-Optimized


8. Target Easter advertisement

40 Fun and Creative Easter Advertisements - Smashcave - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_11-13-17-Optimized


9. McDonald’s Big Mac Easter egg advertisement

Pin by Yoann Michaux on Advertising  Pinterest - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_11-16-26-Optimized


10. Brandt “Don’t let smells mix” refrigerator advertisement

40 Fun and Creative Easter Advertisements - Smashcave - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_11-18-27-Optimized


11. Zaini coffee candies by Leo Burnett Italy

02_01275_002_Zaini_Kofl_fish.jpg (1894×2560) - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_11-20-59-Optimized


12. Aquafresh Milkteeth advertisement

Pin by Federica Retta on I believe in creative people  Pinterest - Google Chrom_2014-03-24_11-22-09-Optimized


13. Soundtrax ad by Colenso BBDO

Soundtrax Ears, 1  Ads of the World™ - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_11-23-58-Optimized


14. Brewsees Easter advertisement

Brewsees  Adlab - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_11-26-12-Optimized


15. Florida Aquarium Easter advertisement

Google Image Result for httpcdn2.content.compendiumblog.comuploadsuserd0ac_2014-03-24_11-27-11-Optimized


16. Excelsior egg craftsmanship advertisement

Ogilvy Malta  Brand Building  Page 2 - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_11-29-46-Optimized


17. Corporate Easter ad for Raiffeison Bank

A yellow egg — Bruketa&Žinić OM – full service advertising agency - Google Chrom_2014-03-24_11-30-56-Optimized


18. Shaws chocolate Easter advertisement

Google Image Result for httpresponsiblemarketing.comblogwp-contentuploads_2014-03-24_11-34-20-Optimized


19. 2013 Easter Bunny Apology Tour advertisement

Google Image Result for httpwp.streetwise.cowp-contentuploads201303Sorry_2014-03-24_11-35-21-Optimized

20. Kolner Zoo Easter ad

Happy Easter ads from Kolner Zoo  Ad Sora - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_11-41-01-Optimized


As you can see, Easter serves as a marketing theme for all kinds of products, services, and experiences. And though churches often market their Easter services and many companies employ the Easter Bunny as an ad element, your own Easter marketing doesn’t have to include either – or, it could include both! Get creative with your Easter marketing efforts to boost Easter sales this year. In the meantime, share your favorite Easter marketing advertisements with us below in the comments!

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