25 Creative Earth Day Advertisements

Why is it that some of the most creative ad designs in the world are created for Earth Day? Is it because so many designers share a passion for saving the Earth? Or is it because predicting the effects of pollution, global warming (or “weirding,” if you’re a Friedman fan), and other environmental hazards presents a blank slate for ingeniously imagined graphic design? I think it’s both, and whether I’m right or wrong there’s no denying that creativity abounds when graphic designers set out to make a point on Earth Day. For your inspiration, here are 25 creative Earth Day advertisements.

1.  Save Earth: Mt. Everest by Pupa Communication

Adeevee - Save Earth Mt. Everest - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-04-19-Optimized


2.  Rainforest/South America paper towel dispensers for WWF

Top 30 Earth Day ads  MNN - Mother Nature Network - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-07-11-Optimized


3.  Earth Day Canada by DDB

Adeevee - Earth Day Canada Clear-cut - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-08-44-Optimized


4.  Jeep Earth Day by Draftfcb

Print advertising 95 brilliant examples  Print design  Page 4  Creative Bloq_2014-03-24_14-10-07-Optimized


5.  Public Earth Day Magazine: Fat World by Nossa

Adeevee - Publico Earth Day Magazine Fat World - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-12-19-Optimized


6.  Green Earth Technology: Surrender by Grey

Adeevee - Green Earth Technology Surrender - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-13-53-Optimized


7.  BUND Earth Day advertisement by Mccann Erickson Frankfurt

Adeevee - BUND  Friends of the Earth Travelling Fruits - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-15-10-Optimized


8.  Earth Day Canada advertisement

Earth Day « Creative Advertisements for NGO - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-16-23-Optimized


9.  Liberty Power Earth Day advertisement

xxx-LIB-Print-page-001.jpg (1650×1650) - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-17-24-Optimized


10.  Denver Water: Use Only What You Need

Great Green Ads - Best Environmental Ad Campaigns - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-19-17-Optimized


11.  UNICEF Earth Day advertisement

Top 30 Earth Day ads  MNN - Mother Nature Network - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-20-06-Optimized


12.  World Earth Day: The Last Birthday

25 Most Creative Earth Day Advertisements  1 Design Per Day - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-21-17-Optimized


13.  Land Rover Earth Day advertisement by Filadelfia

Adeevee - Land Rover Earth - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-22-28-Optimized


14.  Earth 911: Recycled Saves More Than Trees

Adeevee - Earth 911 Recycling saves more than trees - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-23-46-Optimized


15.  Sea rubbish

all the rubbish in the sea  creative ads  Pinterest - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-24-58-Optimized


16.  WWF: Switch Off campaign by Clemenger BBDO

Adeevee - Wwf Earth Hour Factory, Earth, Footprint - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-26-04-Optimized


17.  Global Warming by Karim Fakhoury

Global Warming by KarimFakhoury on deviantART - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-28-53-Optimized


20.  Earth Day Canada: Rubber Ducky

dda9e2b76ce36cbcca6c5105540706a0.jpg (432×590) - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-30-10-Optimized


21.  WWF: Earth Day Ice Cream

The world of creative advertising » Global warming, Protection of animals, Envir_2014-03-24_14-31-47-Optimized


22.  Mitsubishi Earth Day

Adeevee - Mitsubishi Sport Earth - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-33-06-Optimized


23.  The Big Ask: Polar Bear by TBWA Brussels

Adeevee - Friends Of The Earth (The Big Ask) Global Warming Awareness Campaign _2014-03-24_14-38-20-Optimized


24.  Pro Wildlife: Help Mother Nature Fight Back by Jung von Matt



25.  Running out of time by Pepey

Time by pepey on deviantART - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-44-01-Optimized

Which Earth Day advertisement is your favorite, and why? Do you have an awesome Earth Day advertisement design to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Allison James May 23, 2015 at 6:03 am #

    Excellent work! check out these too http://www.whatsuptrendy.com/all/community/15-creative-advertisements-that-are-borderline-genius/

  2. Brian Morris May 27, 2015 at 11:11 am #

    Thanks for the link, Allison – great stuff!


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