30 ‘How-To’ Booklet Topic Ideas


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Booklets are seriously cool marketing tools, and not just because they make your company look super-professional. Booklets are powerful ways to generate customer loyalty and influence more sales. A good booklet resonates with your customer base because it’s useful to them.

The best booklets aren’t throw-away marketing materials, but handy references customers want to place on their bookshelves. That’s why “how-to” booklets are perfect marketing tools; if you can print booklets that carry that much value for your customers, they’ll trust your product recommendations (yours) and will develop a fierce sense of loyalty for your brand. We’ve established that booklets are powerful marketing materials; the only question is, what will your booklet cover? Find inspiration in the following 30 booklet topic ideas.

How to…

  1. set up a saltwater aquarium
  2. reseed your lawn
  3. perform proper car maintenance
  4. groom your dog breed
  5. increase website conversions
  6. market your business
  7. start a new company
  8. add on to your home
  9. lose weight
  10. bulk up
  11. train for a 5K
  12. be a great parent
  13. plan a vacation
  14. save money at the grocery
  15. backpack across Europe
  16. sell your car
  17. set up a Facebook page
  18. start a garden
  19. prepare a summer BBQ
  20. host an event
  21. remove pests from your home
  22. plan a wedding
  23. prepare for college
  24. prepare for a new baby
  25. optimize and protect your computer and mobile devices
  26. invest for retirement
  27. save for college
  28. pick a flattering outfit
  29. have a great marriage
  30. quit smoking

As you can see, many of these booklet topics are perfect for specific types of businesses: pet stores, mechanics, financial planners, search marketers, wedding planners, and all the retail and service companies that serve customers in a variety of industries. With a bit of brainstorming, you can certainly come up with an interesting “how-to” booklet that is both useful to your customer base and to your business, since it will simultaneously promote your brand, products, and services as it educates customers.

What’s your favorite booklet topic idea?


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