5 Cool Sticker Marketing Campaigns You Haven’t Seen Yet

Stickers are powerful marketing tools, especially when deployed for “surprise and delight” marketing. Surprise and delight marketing is the practice of placing marketing tools – here, stickers – in unusual, expected places in a humorous, entertaining, and/or memorable way. For your inspiration, here are five cool sticker marketing campaigns you (probably) haven’t seen yet.

1. Riviera Prive Hotel

To promote its private beach, bar and pool area, the Riviera Hotel in Lebanon affixed these large-format stickers to restroom mirrors at trendy night clubs throughout Beirut. The idea was that patrons could be seen by the hottest people on the beach by visiting Prive, evident by the giant mirrored “sunglasses” in the ads.

The Cool Hunter - Riviera Prive Beirut - Promoting (Sunglasses) A Beach Resort -_2014-02-25_06-53-50-Optimized


2.  Science World’s Quirky Facts

These stickers were pinned on trees to make it look as though they had been chewed  through by beavers; at the end of the trees is another sticker that says a single beaver can cut down 200 trees each year. The stickers were part of a larger, comprehensive campaign sought to promote Science World, a nonprofit British-Columbia science and technology organization.

Science World’s Quirky Facts Commercials › Zuza Fun - Google Chrome_2014-02-25_07-06-06-Optimized


3.  Bathroom Stickers: Calgary Horror Convention

To promote its upcoming Calgary Horror Convention, the creepy conference placed these stickers on public restroom doors throughout its target customers’ region. Creepy!

Calgary Horror Convention Bathroom sticker  Ads of the World™ - Google Chrome_2014-02-25_07-19-41-Optimized


4.  Diet or Regular?

This joint Coca-Cola/McDonald’s promotion placed stickers on stair and escalator risers to market Coke products at McDonald’s restaurants. The campaign marketed regular Coca-Cola to those who took the stairs, and Diet Coke to those who took the escalators.

Les 500 plus belles pub de Guérilla Marketing - Partie 1 Marketing & Innovation _2014-02-25_08-52-35-Optimized


5.  Duracell Powers the City

These stickers were placed on a high-voltage power box in Malaysia, obviously promoting the supreme power of Duracell batteries.

17 International Ambient Marketing Examples - Google Chrome_2014-02-25_08-57-03-Optimized

Which sticker marketing campaign is your favorite, and why? Let me know in the comments!

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