5 Killer Easter Print Ads

I love checking out other ad agencies’ work, especially when it comes to holidays such as Easter since sometimes seems as though every angle has been exhausted. In a secular sense, there are only so many things one can do with a chocolate bunny, right?

Well, after a quick review of Ads of the World I found I was wrong – there are still plenty of creative people out there who delight in putting their own unique twists on tried-and-true tradition. I think you’ll agree when you see the following five killer Easter print promotions.

Easter necklace

Some egg-cellent marketing where fine chocolate eggs are transformed into a necklace (sorry for the ridiculously poor pun – I couldn’t resist!).

Highlighted bunny

Stabilo highlighters can make even the Easter Bunny stand out in a sea of Santas.

Kofli rabbit

What’s better than coffee with a chocolate? Coffee with a chocolate with coffee!

The Tooth Fairy’s partner in crime

Now we know who gets kickbacks for every tooth.

A new way to decorate eggs

Kolner Zoo has a new and creative way to decorate Easter eggs. This is my favorite ad here, though I doubt this is what you’d like to pop out of your breakfast eggs!


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