5 Marketing Tools Made For Summer

Though just about any marketing tool can be employed year-round, common sense dictates that some are more effective based on the season. Christmas catalogs, for example, are popular because winter is cold and customers would rather browse product from the comfort of their heated homes. This isn’t to say catalogs can’t be effective when it’s warm out; but it does help illustrate the fact that seasonal weather should play a role in your marketing strategy. That’s why the following five marketing tools seem as though they were made just for summer.

1.  Door hangers

Perhaps the perfect summer marketing tool, door hangers blend the power of postcards with the cost-effectiveness of flyers – and they’re impossible to ignore. No one wants to distribute door hangers with three feet of snow on the ground, but convincing volunteers and staff to blanket a large neighborhood with door hangers in an afternoon is a breeze during the summer.

2.  Posters

Outdoor posters dominate; the bigger, the better. From event announcements to special sales to simple branding, print large outdoor posters and place them in high-traffic areas and near places your customers frequent to make a big splash for cheap this summer.

3.  Flyers

Club card flyer design by PsPrint customer Terri Morris for DelFest.

Club card flyer design by PsPrint customer Terri Morris for DelFest.

Smaller cousins of posters, flyers are more versatile and can be printed as community bulletin board take-aways or heavily distributed anywhere you can reach your target audience: windows, doors, walls, under windshield wipers, on utility poles, bulletin boards, counters, outdoor public places and more.

4.  Banners

The biggest summer marketing tool of all, vinyl banners are perfect for reaching hundreds or even thousands of people with a single, relatively small investment. Print vinyl banners to place in high-traffic intersections, at the beach, in the park, at outdoor concerts and sporting events, and anywhere else your customers will see them this summer.

5.  Stickers

The most versatile marketing tools of all, stickers let you market your brand just about anywhere: walls, windows, doors, public areas, restrooms, gas stations, automobiles, and more. If it has a flat service, a sticker can be placed on it – just make sure you get permission first.

What other marketing tools were made for summer?



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