5 Marketing Tools Postcards Can Replace For Cheap

Postcard for PsPrint customer Joshua Tree Art Gallery.

Postcard for PsPrint customer Joshua Tree Art Gallery.

There are a thousand different ways to market your products and services, some better than others. That’s why it’s so important for budget-minded small businesses to ensure they’re investing their marketing dollars wisely; there’s no room for wasted efforts and such a slim margin of error means small businesses need to engage in intelligent marketing strategies from the get-go.

While a comprehensive multi-channel marketing campaign might be the best option, it might also be an unaffordable option for many companies. That’s why postcards are such popular marketing tools: they’re expected, impossible to ignore and highly effective. In fact, postcards are so powerful they can serve as entire marketing campaigns on their own – and replace less effective and more expensive marketing channels. Here are five marketing tools postcards can replace for cheap.

1.  TV and radio ads

Television and radio advertising can be beneficial, but it can also be expensive. In both cases, targeting is largely limited to geography. Even though you can advertise on stations according to defined demographics, you simply can’t achieve the individualized targeting afforded by postcards. That means more of your marketing will be wasted on deaf ears and blind eyes. Postcards, on the other hand, can be sent only to those people who fit your best customer demographics – in other words, those who are most likely to respond.

2.  Newspaper advertisements

Newspapers are dying a slow and stubborn death, and most newspaper ads are simply “visual noise.” Unless you’re willing to drop a pretty penny for a full-page, full-color ad, your ad probably isn’t going to be noticed by your target customers. Plus, you’re limited to individual newspaper distribution, regardless of demographics.

3.  Pay-per-click ads

PPC can definitely help your business, and it can be well-targeted. However, competitors not only drive PPC rates up, they also make it far more difficult to be noticed. Since it’s unlikely even a single competitor will send a direct-mail postcard campaign on the exact day you send yours, postcards allow you to command singular attention from your customers without interference from competitors, which you get on the same exact page when you invest in PPC ads.

4.  Newsletters

Printing newsletters to send to customers on a regular basis is sound marketing, but not every small business has the budget to send multi-page, full-color newsletters every month or quarter. Instead, you can print “newscards,” which are postcards that include one or two interesting stories and can also point customers to your website or blog to read more.

5.  Catalogs

Direct-mail catalogs are among the most powerful marketing tools in the world, especially for niche product categories. However, full-color catalog printing represents a large investment, and even successful retailers might not want to take the initial risk on catalog printing. Postcards are viable alternatives; you can print postcards that feature a representative offering of what you offer in your full online catalog, then direct customers (along with a coupon incentive) to log on to your website to do their shopping.



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