5 Reasons Postcards Are Perfect Marketing Tools

Postcard by PsPrint customer Red Monkey Design for LuLu’s on Main.

Postcard by PsPrint customer Red Monkey Design for LuLu’s on Main.

Do you know what makes a perfect marketing tool? Naturally, most marketers would say one that generates an outstanding response rate and, therefore, profit. But that’s not the only measure of a great marketing tool. The best marketing tools are also simple to develop and easy to deploy; moreover, they are able to take advantage of other marketing tools for a well-rounded, high-impact and collaborative campaign. That’s why I believe postcards are perfect marketing tools. Here are five reasons to support my claim.

1.  Postcards are easy to develop and a low investment

Unlike websites, catalogs and many other comprehensive marketing tools, postcards are incredibly easy to develop. In fact, you can brainstorm a great offer, write compelling copy and draft dazzling a postcard design in just a few hours; then, have your postcards printed and mailed the very next day. All this means minimal overhead and quick deployment, which allows you to maximize your return on investment and take advantage of spur-of-the-moment opportunities.

2.  Postcards are instantly noticed and understood

Postcards are delivered right to your prospects’ mailboxes. They don’t need to be opened, so they’re immediately noticed. Add in bold headlines that feature compelling benefits and a call to action, and your postcard will be instantly understood, as well. Thus, postcards strike fast and with meaning, increasing the likelihood of response.

3.  Postcards are easy to distribute

What could be easier than mailing your marketing materials directly to customers? Not only does the postal service make postcard distribution a snap, you can even have your printing company address and mail your postcards so that your job is done once you’ve approved the artwork proofs. The result? Maximum efficiency, so you can go on with the business of operating your company and planning your next marketing campaign.

4.  Postcards can be highly targeted

When you send postcards to a well-targeted mailing list comprised of individuals or businesses who match your best customer demographics, you can be rest assured you’re not wasting marketing dollars on unlikely buyers. Instead, you’re making an intelligent investment by focusing only on those who are likely to buy.

5.  Postcards have a proven track record of success

The reason postcard marketing is so popular today is simple: postcards work. Postcards are reliable and even customer-appreciated marketing materials you can count on to deliver excellent return on investment – especially when paired with a great offer and targeted mailing list.

Do you agree? Are postcards perfect marketing tools?


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