5 Things You Can Promote with Posters

Do you know that poster marketing can be one of the most powerful strategies for growing your business? Posters are great for two major reasons: first, you can place them right where your target customer base goes, so you know you’re reaching the right people. Second, posters attract major attention with the right design. Add in a great offer and call to action, and you can expect real – good – results.

But what can you promote with posters, anyway? Anything! Here are five things you can promote fast and easy with posters.

1. Products

Posters are perfect for peddling products to the masses. Whether you sell shoes or software, beef jerky or beer, posters can get the word out to your audience.

2. Services

Sell your services just as you would products with posters. Graphic designers, lawn mowers, web developers, massage therapists, barbers and hairstylists, and all other service industry professionals can lend big clients fast with a great poster marketing campaign.

3. Events

Are you hosting a big event for your company or nonprofit organization? Posters are some of quickest, easiest, cheapest and best ways to get the word out to a massive guest list.

4. Yourself

You don’t always have to market a specific product or service – you can also use posters to market yourself. This is especially true for politicians, sole entrepreneurs and entertainers.

5. Ideas

Many companies are part of a niche subculture with its own set of ideas. You can market those ideas – and increase your brand prowess – with posters.

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