8 Great Halloween Marketing Posters

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and few annual events offer graphic designers as much creative latitude as Halloween advertising. It’s everywhere, from the Internet to newspapers, magazines and billboards to radio and television. One popular and effective Halloween marketing medium is posters; and in the spirit of great advertising I’d like to share eight great Halloween poster designs in this post. Which is your favorite?

Mini Cooper

The popular car clad in an ever-popular white sheet ghost costume.

Band Poster

This poster is advertising a few bands, and I like it because it reminds me of the old illustrated scary movie posters.

Skull Sensation

This is a simple poster, but I wanted to include it to demonstrate how attention-getting anything that has to do with Halloween or the macabre is.

Psychedelic Skull

I love the way this graphic design incorporates elements of psychedelia with the macabre.

Old School Bread

This is a vintage poster for Old Home Bread, but it has a Norman Rockwellian vibe that makes me feel nice and comfortable.

Haunted Heineken

This ghostly bottle must be frustrating for Halloween party-goers!

Killer Koala?

This clever poster advertises San Francisco Zoo’s sleepovers.

Guinness Goes Bump in the Dark

This is my favorite poster here; clean, easy to understand, and definitely creepy enough to immediately command your attention!


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