Are You Ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday, that American sensation when retailers offer bottom-dollar pricing for a 24-hour whirlwind holiday shopping spree, looms ahead. If you operate a small business, Black Friday gives you a chance to level the playing field with the big boys. After all, why should big chains like Walmart and Target get to keep all the profit? If you want to cash in this holiday season, make sure you have the following items ready with this Black Friday check list.

Compelling Offers

Devise compelling offers your target customers can’t refuse to compete with the big stores on Black Friday. Sell the things you can do that they can’t, such as expert niche advice and personal service.

Mailing list

You’ll need a targeted mailing list comprised of individuals who meet your best customer demographics to maximize your return on investment.


If you have a lot of retail products, print catalogs to send to your customers for Black Friday sales.


Postcards are perfect introductions to your company’s product offering, and they can double as coupons.

Posters and Flyers

Blanket areas where your target customer base frequents with posters and flyers to announce your Black Friday sales.


Print press releases on letterhead announcing your Black Friday sales and send them to all relevant media outlets. You never know when you might get a mention in a story.


Print stickers that lead customers through your store to the best Black Friday deals you offer as a fun way to engage customers.

Vinyl Banners

Pull customers from competitors with large-format vinyl banners that turn heads from afar and draw customers to your special offers on Black Friday.

These aren’t the only marketing materials you can employ for your Black Friday sales promotions, but they’re definitely excellent tools for getting the attention required for skyrocketing profits.


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