30 Early Holiday Marketing Tips and Ideas

September 18, 2013

Try sending a holiday card, like this one from our easy-to-personalize template gallery, to a targeted mailing list announcing your holiday sells. Everyone loves to receive holiday cards, and they are sure to open them. Try sending a holiday card, like this one from our easy-to-personalize template gallery, to a targeted mailing list announcing your holiday sales. Everyone loves to receive holiday cards, and they are sure to open them.

The end-of-year holidays are on the horizon, and savvy marketers know September is the time to gear up for a profitable December marketing campaign. Plan early, and you’ll be able have more control over day-to-day operations and be in a good situation to identify and develop additional marketing channels. Maximize your profits this year with the following 30 early holiday marketing tips and ideas.

  1. Plan your main campaign in September so you’re ready to deploy well before Black Friday.
  2. By doing so, you’ll be able to take advantage of last-minute marketing opportunities.
  3. Seek out new marketing channels such as social media, publicity and mobile advertising with the time you’ve saved as the holidays draw nearer.
  4. Start marketing early to get a head start on your competitors
  5. Market often – send multiple direct mailers, for example, or holiday cards announcing your sales. Repetition sells.
  6. Create time-limited special offers to encourage customers to buy now.
  7. Offer a pre-Black Friday guarantee: If customers find a better deal on Black Friday, you’ll refund the difference. This encourages early sales and lets you compete with the big box stores.
  8. Showcase what makes your company unique and beneficial to beat the big box stores.
  9. Use posters and flyers to reinforce your marketing campaign, especially in targeted traffic and shopping areas.
  10. Employ giant floor stickers to bring customers to your best (or most profitable) in-store product displays.
  11. Want web traffic? Try direct-mail postcards with coupon codes to get customers to your website.
  12. Focus on selling your niche products to a highly targeted audience; it’s impossible to compete with Walmart and the like on everyday items.
  13. Introduce add-on incentives to buy from you, such as a vacation drawing entry with every purchase or set dollar spend.
  14. Encourage multiple sales by offering referral cards for discounts; say, a set percentage off for every customer who brings a friend.
  15. Host a holiday season kick-off event to bring customers in – perhaps a tree lighting, hot chocolate, and a visit from Santa – and make sure customers leave with your holiday catalog.
  16. Use email, social media and your website to let customers know about your upcoming deals.
  17. Print “pre-catalog” postcards with a special offer to send several weeks before your main catalog. Your mini-catalogs will lend customers a representative offering, encourage web sales and make them look forward to receiving your big book.
  18. Make sure every customer between now and the holidays receives a flyer or brochure with information about your upcoming holiday sales.
  19. Make shopping easy by sending your target customers a unique gift catalog with suggestions for everyone on their list.
  20. Tell customers about your upcoming holiday specials on your blog, then reinforce the reasons why it’s better to buy from you than your competitors.
  21. Print business card coupons and leave them in strategic areas where your target customers are likely to find them.
  22. Save money by printing door hangers to distribute to targeted neighborhoods.
  23. Give next year’s calendars away before your competitors do so you can ensure you’re the brand customers see every day.
  24. Include the remaining months from this year on your calendars so they can be instantly hung.
  25. Print special daily, weekly or monthly offers on your calendars to encourage direct sales.
  26. Print hang tags to market your holiday sales early.
  27. Give away branded holiday magnets that encourage customers to buy from you.
  28. Partner with a restaurant to print table tents that promote your company to their customers before Thanksgiving.
  29. If you’re a small business, emphasize quality, experience and service if you can’t compete on pricing.
  30. Make sure all of your holiday marketing is measurable so you can track your return on investment and plan for an even more profitable campaign next year.

When you plan your holiday marketing early you’ll not only maximize your profits, you’ll actually get some free time of your own to enjoy the holidays with friends and family members.

What are your favorite early holiday marketing tips?

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