How Effective Are Funny Stickers for Marketing?

Humor in marketing and advertising is more prevalent now than ever before. Combine the funny trend with the fact that stickers are among the most cost-effective and versatile marketing tools on the planet, and it begs the question whether funny stickers are effective marketing tools.

Think about some of the funniest, most attention-getting sticker marketing campaigns you’ve seen. Consider this sticker marketing campaign by Ambience Media:

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The sticker is funny, and the product being marketed is clearly evident. That’s one of the most important aspects of using humor in any type of marketing, including stickers. “The humor can’t overpower the brand,” writes Geoff Williams for Entrepreneur Magazine. The point is you can’t be funny simply for the sake of being funny.

That sentiment is echoed by Brad Tuttle in his Time article, which reveals research by Ace Metrix proving that humor alone doesn’t make customers want to buy. In the article, Ace Metrix director of insight and analytics Michael Curran is quoted as saying “Messages should be built of substance and use humor as a supplement.” This is sage advice for any company that wants to use humor to effectively market.

Still, Inc. Magazine’s Kevin Daum makes the case for humor, noting that it establishes rapport, triggers memorability and creates alignment. All of these are critical for successful branding, and so humor can play a major role in getting customers on your side.

To answer the question of whether funny stickers are effective marketing tools, let’s just say they definitely can be, but it’s not guaranteed. You have to make sure your brand and product are properly represented on the sticker; that is to say, you should be clear that you’re selling something or the humor in your sticker should align with your brand image. If you can pull it off, your next funny sticker marketing campaign could be among your best marketing success stories yet.


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