Marketing Hack: 5 Ways to Market Your Small Business For Under $100

You’ve heard that you have to spend money to make money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money to grow your small business. In fact, some of the most effective marketing strategies are incredibly cheap. Case-in-point: the following five ways to market your small business for under $100.

1.  Flyers

Print hundreds of flyers cheap and distribute them where your customers will see them. If you run a nightclub, club card flyers are perfect handouts to direct passers-by to your establishment.  You can print 2,500 flyers for under $100.

2.  Business cards

Every person you meet should walk away with your business card in-hand, because you never know what connections can lead to new business. You can print 2,000 business cards for under $100.

3.  Vinyl banners

Banners offer huge marketing power due to sheer size; print banners and place them at busy intersections to expose thousands of people to your brand. You can print a 3-foot by 5-foot vinyl banner for under $100.

4.  Stickers

Stickers are the world’s most versatile marketing tools because they can be affixed to nearly any surface, presenting unique ways to put your brand in front of targeted customers. You can print 200 2-inch by 2-inch stickers for under $100.

5.  Magnets

Magnets are useful, so they’re often placed on customers’ refrigerators to hold important papers, to offer helpful hints, and to serve as decorations and even collections. Print magnets that are useful to encourage customers to use them, so they see your brand every time they go to the fridge. You can print 500 magnets for under $100.

What other ways can you market your small business for under $100?

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