3 Marketing Tools You Should Personalize

Why does everyone seem to think that personal business cards are the only marketing tools they should personalize? Personal business cards are great and should absolutely be personalized, don’t get me wrong, but there are so many benefits to personalizing marketing materials I’m mystified that so many seem to ignore this powerful sales strategy.

Personalizing your marketing materials:

  • makes your customers feel more comfortable
  • earns trust and credibility
  • legitimizes you as an expert
  • means more sales, more profits, more money!

So why ignore it? Here are three marketing tools – other than personal business cards – that you should personalize:

Letterhead – If you use letterhead as a communications tool, you should definitely personalize it. “From the desk of [your name]” is so much better than the traditional corporate logo. It’s even more powerful if you include a photo and a list of your business expertise. Add a few personal hobbies, and you might just get some customers simply because they can relate to you.

Website – If you are a freelancer, don’t try to pass yourself off as an online “firm.” Honestly, it dilutes your efforts. Small businesses seeking freelancers are looking for your specific expertise and attention to their needs: They want the lone wolf dedication. Even if you have a small staff, it’s a good idea to place a photo of yourself along with “[your name], Founder” somewhere in the header.

Postcards – If you engage in direct-mail marketing, especially postcard marketing, give your prospects a message directly from you – complete with your name and face backing it up. The more you come across as a personal friend (yes, even if you’re not), the better your chances of success. Established, successful direct-mail marketers know this: Think of the sales letter package and how it’s always written from the perspective of one person to you. Transfer this concept to your postcards!

So yes, personal business cards should be personalized. But so should your other marketing materials. You want your customers to want to do business with YOU, so you have to establish that YOU are the person behind your business.


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