30 Marketing Tools to Try in 2014

January 2, 2014

Try direct-mail postcards in 2014. You can easily personalize a design template like this one in our gallery. Try direct-mail postcards in 2014. You can easily personalize a design template like this one in our gallery.

Have you polished your 2014 marketing plan yet? Have you even started planning for 2014? It’s always a good idea to fully develop your marketing plan far in advance (with room for variation and to take advantage of emerging opportunities, of course), but before you sign off on your final plan consider the following 30 marketing tools to try in 2014.

  1. Postcards: Direct-mail postcards continue to be powerful marketing tools for selling to a targeted customer base.
  2. Google Think Insights: Use this platform to learn the latest digital marketing trends.
  3. Stickers: Print large stickers to paste your brand everywhere your audience goes; be creative to command attention.
  4. QR codes: Implement QR codes on your print designs to bring customers to your website or mobile app.
  5. Banners: Print large-format vinyl banners to maximize your exposure for minimal investment.
  6. Inbound Writer: If you’re going to blog, make sure your content is optimized for search engines.
  7. Brochures: Brochures are still among the best ways to deliver a message your customers will take the time to read.
  8. SEO tools: Myriad search engine optimization tools exist to help ensure your website is ranking higher.
  9. Newsletters: Print newsletters are more personal, and because they’re delivered via traditional mail they’re more likely to be read.
  10. Facebook ads: If you haven’t tapped the power of Facebook’s ad targeting yet, 2014 is the year to give it a try.
  11. Hootsuite: A perfect tool for planning social media posts, right from your browser.
  12. Sales sheets: Promote specific products to B2B or B2C customers with well-designed sales sheets.
  13. PPC management: If you engage in pay-per-click advertising, a good PPC management tool will help increase your response and conversion rates.
  14. Followerwonk: Powerful Twitter analytics to help you better position your brand and place your message in front of potential influencers.
  15. Email: It’s time to revamp your email marketing for high conversion rates.
  16. Mobile marketing: Is your website responsive? Do you have a dedicated mobile site or app? Do you advertise to mobile users? If your answer is “no” to any of these, you’re missing opportunities.
  17. Adroll: A different kind of ad network that seeks to target users who visited your site once but didn’t buy.
  18. Vine: You’ve done YouTube, now it’s time to try Vine.
  19. Pinterest: You know about Pinterest, now it’s time to learn how to use it as a marketing tool.
  20. Other ad networks: Google isn’t the only ad network; there are several third-party ad networks that can bolster your business.
  21. Calendars: A single calendar is worth 365 days of marketing!
  22. Magazine ads: Expensive, but effective.
  23. TV ads: It’s easier than ever to get great deals on local TV ads, because demand has dropped.
  24. Radio ads: Ditto for radio ads, as many stations are willing to trade a giveaway for air time.
  25. Door hangers: Tight budget? Go door-to-door in targeted neighborhoods and get powerful can’t-ignore marketing.
  26. Guest blogging: Blog on sites your customers read, and include a link or two back to your website.
  27. Press release distribution: Get your message to the media and pick up plenty of online readers at the same time.
  28. Trade shows: Trade shows and other industry events are perfect opportunities to get the word out about your business. Take brochures, flyers, and business cards!
  29. HARO: Help A Reporter Out is a great way to get in touch with journalists who want to feature your company.
  30. Referral cards: Word-of-mouth marketing can’t be beat; encourage it with referral cards and incentives.

How will you market in 2014?

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