3 People to Ask for Business Advice Today

Maximizing your business success depends on your ability to seek advice from others. Even if you’re a sole entrepreneur, you can no doubt benefit from hearing what others have to suggest about your company – even if you don’t ultimately take their advice or use it to make minor chances in, say, product positioning versus actual product design. If you want to achieve greater business success, consider the following three people to ask for business advice today.

1.  Established entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs know what it takes to succeed. Many have faced the same challenges you have. They’ve faced those challenges, and they’ve conquered them. They’ve probably turned problems into advantages. You can learn a lot of people who have succeeded before you. Not every situation will apply to your business, of course, and as stated you never have to take advice. Simply listening to how others have grown their business can inspire you to develop innovate ways to grow yours.

2.  Customers

Who better to tell you how your products and services are preforming than your customers? Ask your customers to tell you what they love about your company, what they hate about your company, how your customer service performs, how your pricing sits with them, and how you can improve their customer experience. Again, even if you don’t take every piece of advice offered, you’ll certainly be able to develop new ways to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

3.  Employees

If you have employees, they can prove to be invaluable sources for advice on how to improve operational efficiency and maximize your profits. Think about it: your employees are on the front lines. They know how your customers respond to your products and services. They field complaints and compliments. They know where holes exist in your business processes, and what is wasting time. They also know how your employees feel about working for you – and many successful business people will agree that hiring great employees and keeping them happy is a major key to success.

Ask your employees for input, recognize the ideas you keep and explain the ones you don’t. Doing so will help your employees take a vested interest in helping  your business succeed.

Who do you ask for business advice?


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