5 Print Marketing Items That Make Customers Happy

Fast fact: March is International Mirth Month. For the vocabulary-challenged, mirth is amusement, glee, joy, hilarity – it’s feel-good happiness. We’d all love our customers to be mirthful, especially when it comes to buying our products and services.

So, what marketing materials make customers happy? Well, ideally, all of our marketing materials will accomplish this feat. Branded marketing makes customers feel as they’re part of the in crowd, and that should make them happy. Humorous attention-getting marketing materials make people laugh, so that qualifies. And many forms of marketing deliver a special offer that allows customers to save money – and that, above all, should make customers happy.

But I’m not talking about how your promotional message or product benefits can create happy customers. I’m talking marketing materials that customers are happy to receive because of what they are, not what they say. The type of promotion that customers will keep around for awhile, just to use and look at. The type of marketing material that earns you big profits.

With that in mind, let’s examine five print marketing items that make customers happy.

1. Calendars

Calendars make customers happy because they are useful. And because they’re referenced every day, you have 365 chances to promote your products and services – and make sales – every year.

2. Booklets

You can print informative booklets that have real value for your customers. A great example would be a booklet on properly setting up and caring for a saltwater aquarium, which a saltwater fish store could use as a vehicle for product promotion.

3. Notepads

Notepads are useful for anyone who jots notes. Professionals who attend many meetings and secretaries who answer phones come to mind as excellent choices for notepad giveaways. Your notepads can list your brand as well as product and service promotions.


When you print bookmarks with themes your customers love on one side and your marketing pitch on the other, everyone wins.

5. Magnets

Few people throw away magnets because they’re so handy for attaching papers, kids’ homework, and save-the-date reminders to refrigerators and filing cabinets. They’re also great for promoting your company.

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