10 Reasons to Send Direct Mail This Week


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Want to find new customers, grow your business and earn more profits? It’s time to give direct-mail marketing another look. Here are 10 reasons to send direct mail this week.

1.  Good response rates

The average response rate for targeted direct mail is 4.4 percent – that’s for both B2B and B2C mailings.

2.  More people read direct mail

It’s tempting to think that fewer people read direct mail now than, say, 25 years ago; however, more people read direct mail now (53 percent) than did in 1987 (49 percent).

3.  Direct mail is trusted

A full 56 percent of consumers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of advertising.

4.  Younger generations believe in direct mail

More people aged 18 to 55 believe direct mail will never be replaced than do older generations.

5.  Customers love getting mail

More than 75 percent of customers say they like getting special offers in the mail, and 70 percent love direct mail that rewards their loyalty.

6.  Direct mail lands more customers

In terms of customer acquisition, direct mail (34 percent) trumps email (25 percent), search engine marketing (10 percent) and affiliate marketing (8 percent).

7.  Huge return on investment

By spending an average of $167 per person on direct-mail marketing, U.S. advertisers are able to gross $2,095 worth of goods sold, on average, for a 1,300 percent return.

8.  Social loves mail

Think Facebook kills direct mail? Think again: 81 percent of social network users like receiving special offers in the mail – more than the total consumer baseline.

9.  Direct mail gets noticed

More than 98 percent of people check their mail every day, and 77 percent go through it immediately.

10.  Direct mail integrates well

When direct mail is added to an integrated marketing campaign, return on investment increases by 20 percent.

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