4 Sexiest Racy-Yet-Tasteful Ads Ever

Sex sells.

This is an an advertising adage you’ve heard time and again. That’s why marketers are always looking to push the envelope with racy ads destined to cause a media stir that leads to huge profits. Sometimes marketers overdo it and are criticized for their lack of modesty; other times, they don’t go far enough (just another girl in a swimsuit, is, after all, just another girl in a swimsuit).

Sometimes, though, marketers and their ad agencies hit it out of the park with racy ads that are not only visually striking, relevant and memorable; they’re also tasteful. Those that can be both sexy and tasteful stand the best chance of success, because they will get noticed and they will enjoy a much larger audience as publishers don’t cringe about the material.

I’ve put together a short list of four advertisements that do just that. Which is your favorite?

Fayreform Lingerie

Another example of how humor can add tastefulness to sexy ads; the woman in this lingerie print advertisement shows less skin than she would in a swimsuit, and we get a small smile. Bet you remember this ad later!


Durex is well-known for its creative ads, some rather risque, others more tongue-in-cheek. This one’s a bit on the lighter side, and though it advertises extra large condoms, it takes advantage of hyperbole to do so in a humorous and tasteful manner.

Morphy Richards Epilators

Who would think a hair removal product could be sexy? This creative ad cashes in on the product’s benefits – great looking, smooth legs – and depicts a woman after she has cut her saree short.


Reebok advertised its body-toning running shoes with – what else? – a photo of the backside of a young woman running. Hey, it’s something you’d be staring at anyway, so I say it’s plenty tasteful for a racy ad.


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