Short and Sweet Makes for Bumper Sticker Marketing Success

When it comes to bumper sticker printing, short and sweet is the key to success. That’s because potential customers (or voters, as many bumper stickers are printed for political purposes) only have a few seconds – and sometimes a single glance – to notice your bumper sticker, read it, understand the message you’re trying to convey, and commit it to memory. The human mind is amazing in its ability to perform so many complex tasks in such a short time frame, but if you want to maximize bumper sticker marketing success you have to give it some help. That’s why short and sweet always wins.

Consider the following two bumper stickers:

Bumper Sticker - Bake Sale.jpg (648×387) - Google Chrome_2014-02-21_10-10-07-Optimized

Found on Legal Insurrection

TEA - Taxed enough already FUN Political BUMPER STICKER - Google Chrome_2014-02-21_10-13-02-Optimized

Found on Heygidday


Both are political bumper stickers, and both attempt to make a point to influence the way people think and vote. However, the first one is far too wordy to be understood at a glance; in fact, you would have to follow someone at length or be stuck in traffic to understand its message.

The second bumper sticker, on the other hand, is short and sweet. A quick glance tells you what the sticker is about and the message it conveys. It is without doubt the more effective bumper sticker.

What about bumper stickers for branding? Well, the same concept applies. Check out these two bumper stickers:

Google Image Result for http3.bp.blogspot.com_1a9JBgMeuQcTNKi9e3BR7IAAAAAA_2014-02-21_10-16-50-Optimized

Found on Cranial Hyperossification

Hohner Accordion Bumper Sticker - Hohner Shop - Google Chrome_2014-02-21_10-17-59-Optimized

Found on Hohner Shop


The first bumper sticker, for QuickBooks, isn’t terrible; however, it still needs 11 words to make its point. The second bumper sticker, for Hohner accordians, needs just three. In addition, the Hohner bumper sticker’s minimalist copy means it can employ larger fonts, which makes it far easier to read at a distance. Some striking artwork helps draw customers’ eyes in to the text. QuickBooks might be the more popular product, but in this case Hohner definitely wins the bumper sticker war.

If you want to get the most out of your bumper sticker marketing campaigns, be short and sweet. It’s the best way to ensure your message is actually getting down the highway.



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