Siri vs. Google Now

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My brother has an iPhone. I have an Android. The raging debate between us over which digital assistant – Siri or Google Now – is better ends now. It’s not so much that I really care which technology is better, either; it’s just that I want whatever I have to be better than what he has. Childish? Absolutely. But I have an excuse. We’re brothers.

Many bloggers have covered this topic, with mixed results. Perhaps one of the best examinations of the competition between the two tech giants’ mobile assistances is the following CNET video:

Siri VS Google Now


The video concludes that Google Now is better for pulling and displaying relevant data, but Siri is better in terms of productivity and getting things done. However, I suspect that if you have a bias going in to it, you won’t agree with that distinction. The ultimate sentiment is that both technologies have their strengths.

But what’s more important than which service is better now is what both will be in the future. Keep in mind that Siri and Google Now are both in their infancies as far as digital assistants go. Analysis of the competition and customer feedback, as well as planned future features, will contribute to ongoing development that will make these handy digital offerings much more powerful than what they are now – which is to say, little more than novelties.

Moreover, the popularity of Siri and Google Now will undoubtedly prompt third-party companies to develop competing software. If that software can integrate seamlessly into iOS and Android platforms, we can expect the rise of free and paid apps as popular alternatives.

We want convenience and intuition from our digital assistants. Whichever device can give us what we want, when we want it – and even anticipate it – while requiring the bare minimum effort from us, will be crowned champion. Right now, it’s too early to tell whether Siri, Google Now or some as-yet-unknown software will win.

In the meantime, however, I win, whichever digital assistant I happen to be using at the time.


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