10 Summer Newsletter Marketing Ideas

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Summer can be one of the hottest sales seasons for your business if you’re aggressive with your marketing strategy, relate to your customers’ problems and desires, and craft compelling offers that reach customers in convenient formats. One such format is a direct-mail newsletter, which you can tailor with useful and relevant content that reaches your customers at home. Boost summer profits with the following 10 summer newsletter marketing ideas.

1.  Tips to beat the heat

If you’re in an industry that can cater to cool, you can use your newsletter to give customers tips for beating the summer heat. Air conditioning services, beverages, restaurants, bars and grills, clothing, recreation companies, and builders can all take advantage of this strategy.

2.  Wedding planning

Photographers, caterers, rental halls, bridal shops, churches, DJs and other businesses can use direct-mail newsletters to promote wedding-related services.

3.  Vacation planning

Tourist hot spots, Chambers of Commerce, convention and visitors bureaus, travel agencies, hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and a whole host of other businesses that cater to travelers can promote summer vacation products and services via newsletters.

4.  The environment

Summer weather gets people outdoors and more in-tune with the environment, presenting a perfect opportunity to promote eco-friendly products and services in your newsletter.

5.  Events

Summer events, such as community festivals and county fairs, are perfect marketing opportunities for many businesses. If you’ll be setting up a booth, let your customers know why they should stop by with your newsletter.

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6.  Holidays

Well-known summer holidays such as Independence Day, and lesser-known holidays such as Ice Cream Soda Day, can present excellent newsletter marketing opportunities.

7.  Recipes

Summer is the cookout season, so use your newsletter to offer customers unique recipes that are relevant to your business.

8.  Sidewalk sales

If you’ll host sidewalk sales this summer, use your newsletter to promote your special deal. If not, then host a “virtual sidewalk sale” and promote it in your newsletter.

9.  Customer spotlights

Meet with a few of your customers and tell their stories in your newsletter. Don’t just settle for testimonials; create customer spotlights or case studies that demonstrate how you helped your customers. Include photos to add legitimacy, and you’ll have a powerful newsletter marketing piece all your customers can relate to.

10.  Contests

Use your newsletter to promote a contest that’s relevant to your business, such as best patio picture for a landscaper or best family vacation photo for a travel agency.

Get creative with your summer newsletter marketing, make it engaging and useful to your customers as well as relevant to your business, and you’ll have a powerful marketing tool that will help profits sizzle this summer.

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