30 Ways to Market for Less Than $100

Print door hangers like PsPrint customer TLC Landscaping Services.

Print door hangers like PsPrint customer TLC Landscaping Services.

If you operate a small business, you know how difficult it can be to compete with the “big boys” when you have a limited marketing budget. Don’t let that seemingly-minuscule budget stop you from landing tons of sales! The fact is that with a strategic approach, you can command more attention for your small business than ever and skyrocket profits in no time. To spark your inner marketing guru, here are 30 ways to market for less than $100.

  1. Print vinyl banners and place them near heavy-traffic areas.
  2. Make a YouTube video and share it with your social network.
  3. Post specials on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Print flyers and posters and place them in targeted areas your customers are known to frequent.
  5. Trade a product or service for radio advertising. Most stations do this if you ask. Where do you think they get their 9th caller giveaways?
  6. Send an email blast to your customers, or rent an email list comprised of opt-in customers who meet your target demographics.
  7. Call your best customers to follow up and see if there is any way you can help them now. You’ll be surprised at how much business such conversations can lead to.
  8. Join a local business networking group.
  9. Give a presentation about your products and services to a local business group.
  10. Write a column for your local paper or an industry trade magazine.
  11. Write a guest blog for an online publication your target customers read.
  12. Reach out to potential customers on LinkedIn.
  13. Leave your business cards in areas your potential customers will find them. A personal trainer, for example, might leave a stack of business cards on the counter at a local gym.
  14. Craigslist baby!
  15. Place a sticker on your vehicle and distribute bumper stickers to family and friends.
  16. Place stickers in high-profile and unique, unexpected public areas that bear your brand name, logo, tagline and URL.
  17. Print door hangers and distribute them to targeted neighborhoods.
  18. Place vinyl banners at popular local athletic events, concerts and festivals.
  19. Rent a booth at relevant trade shows your customer base attends.
  20. Offer guest insight or an interview for a radio show, television program or podcast.
  21. Keep an eye on HARO – Help A Reporter Out – for free PR opportunities.
  22. Teach a class or workshop that helps your customers achieve their goals.
  23. Create a customer referral program (think “get a free XYZ when you refer a friend!”) …
  24. … and develop a customer loyalty program (think “get a free XYZ when you buy 10 ABCs!”)
  25. Hand out club card flyers to passers-by.
  26. Do a product demonstration on the street in front of your business, or even near a competitor’s location. You can also do a demonstration in a shopping district or at a mall.
  27. If you can pull strings, have a celebrity in for a dinner and autograph session.
  28. Try Facebook ads – they’re cheap, and they can help you earn new page fans to market to indefinitely, for free.
  29. Get great PR by trying to break a relevant world record.
  30. Put on the monkey suit and flag down passers-by to try your store.

What sub-$100 marketing ideas have you tried? Did they work?

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