Business marketing for the holiday season

Business marketing is a very broad topic and to cover it from one end to the other would require a large book. I have covered …

3 Tips for Multichannel Mailings

Ok so you’ve got a great quote on a print job and want to send out a direct mail campaign. Well, whether it’s a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer mailing, you’re going to want to give some thought to developing online components that work with your printed piece.

Why Personalized Announcement Cards Are a Great Investment

Personalized announcement cards are a great investment because:

  • they allow you to brand your company whenever you have news or host events
  • they commemorate personal

3 Tips for Wedding Save-the-Date Cards

A wedding save-the-date card is sent out after a formal engagement announcement and before a formal wedding invitation. So, the save-the-date card is a way for couples to be creative and have some fun without all the regulations and fussiness of the other two communications.

Attract new customers with business invitation cards

Business invitation cards are a great way to attract new customers. But what should you be inviting them to do? For starters, you could invite …

Postcard printing: A marketing must

Postcard printing is a necessary part of any marketing campaign. Postcards themselves offer a great return on investment as well as being a versatile marketing …

No Money? No Worries With Bartering!

You’ve heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, substitute “business” for “child,” and you have the concept of bartering. “…

Design Interview: Offering ‘Hybrid’ Graphic Design Services

From talking to colleagues in the design field, it sounds as though the title ‘Graphic Designer’ is expanding to include tons of other responsibilities in areas as varied as e-mail deployment, marketing and print and online production.

Create a New Year’s party invitation template

templateWant to make some extra money with your cool designs? Consider selling New Year’s party invitations in template form. No matter how cool and inexpensive …