Event marketing with printable invitation cards

printing-pressWhether you’re marketing a single event or you’re a full-fledged promoter, you should know that printable invitation cards represent some of the most powerful ways …

Create a unique flyer using a die cut

die cutMillions of flyers are printed every day. Some are mailed and some are handed out, others are just left for the public to pick up …

Checklist for Calendar printing

calendarCreating custom calendars is a great way to show appreciation to your customers, give a wonderful personalized gift or remind yourself of your past experiences …

Unique Christmas Card Ideas

When the holiday season comes around, your client and friends expect a more personal touch than just a text message or an e-mail message saying “happy holidays.”

Interview with Midnet Media’s Darren Caywood

Once a month, PsPrint asks a creative business owner or graphic designer to share his or her tips and techniques. This month, we interviewed Darren

Ring in the Holidays With a Unique Playlist!

There are a few things that can make me turn on my heel and walk out of a shop: commercials on radio stations and corny …

Market Your Business with Playing Cards

Have you or a client ever considered printing up t-shirts, tote bags or bumper stickers advertising your business? It’s always a good idea to create some kind of give-away for potential and current clients to make them feel valued and reinforce the brand. So what’s stopping you?

Is it that some of these ideas can be too expensive and some seem old-hat, like they’ve already been done before. It is true that you can’t go out shopping these days without seeing at least a dozen branded reusable tote bag.

4 Tips for Logo Design

Logo design projects involve a lot of give and take and collaboration between the designer and the client.

You may come up with some amazing ideas, but ultimately what the client wants and what the client’s target audience will respond to, should dictate your design goals.

Create after-Christmas thank-you cards

thank-youThe holiday season can take a lot out of you. After having friends and family come in from out of town, fighting shoppers at the …