Joseph Alvarado

Joseph Alvarado

D.I.Y. Photography

When you are coming up with a design for a client, have you ever had that wonderful moment of inspiration, where you think of the perfect image for the piece? Or perhaps you work backwards by cruising through a stock photography website, searching for an image to inspire your design.

Nonprofit poster marketing

Poster marketing is a great way for nonprofit organizations to directly influence a large portion of the population without breaking the bank. The most successful …

Top 5 Funny Invitation Cards

Parties are fun. Great parties are filled with laughter; they’re memory-makers. So it stands to reason that party invitations should be funny. The best funny

Is Google Wave for You?

Google Wave is among the latest tools that people are dying to get their hands on. Invitations are exclusively doled out, and I’ve seen folks …

Thanksgiving Marketing Promotions

Most people don’t think of Thanksgiving as a consumer-holiday in the same way as Christmas. There’s just something more relaxed and comfortable about Thanksgiving, where the focus is on food and family and not on finding the perfect gift.

For this reason, Thanksgiving presents small businesses with a largely untapped marketing opportunity.

Create a personalized calendar stocking stuffer

personalized_calendar_template-p158965873206283518qyko_400One thing that everyone will need for next year is a calendar. Without question it’s a foolproof gift that is guaranteed to be used. Knowing …

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a term used to cover the use of the Internet, mobile devices and other interactive channels to brand and promote products. It …

Marketing Your Business With Calendars

One of my favorite holiday traditions is a night-before-Thanksgiving dinner at a beloved Chinese restaurant with a big ol’ group of friends. Not only is …