Market Your Business with Playing Cards

Have you or a client ever considered printing up t-shirts, tote bags or bumper stickers advertising your business? It’s always a good idea to create some kind of give-away for potential and current clients to make them feel valued and reinforce the brand. So what’s stopping you?

Is it that some of these ideas can be too expensive and some seem old-hat, like they’ve already been done before. It is true that you can’t go out shopping these days without seeing at least a dozen branded reusable tote bag.

4 Tips for Logo Design

Logo design projects involve a lot of give and take and collaboration between the designer and the client.

You may come up with some amazing ideas, but ultimately what the client wants and what the client’s target audience will respond to, should dictate your design goals.

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Happy Thanksgiving From PsPrint!

Please have a happy and safe holiday! We’re closed today but will be open on Friday for your orders, questions and pickups.

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Party Invitation Design Tips

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Greeting Card Design Tips

Greeting cards are an excellent tool for reaching out to prospects and clients year round. Aside from the holiday cards, there are a multitude of reasons for send greeting cards throughout the year.

3 Things to Be Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the usual stuff: my family, my friends, the roof over my head and a day without a hairball offering …