Three Classic Copywriting Books For Direct Marketers

There are tons of copywriting niches out there, such as advertising, marketing and public relations. But then there’s direct marketing copywriting, which is a science and art.

Jumping to conclusions gets you into trouble

loserAfter reading this post on “Best and Worst Logo Remakes of the Century,” I had to wonder what compels successful companies to make …

Create an Organized Archive of Inspirational Clippings

I know it’s said that a messy desk is a sign of genius, but if your desk is starting to like an excavation site and not someplace you can work, then it may be time to add a little structure to your creative impulses.

Mother Nature series No. 2: Designs from the rainforest

Incredible designs from the rainforest, where up to 75 percent of all living creatures reside.


Most people don’t consider spiders to be beautiful creatures, but …

5 unlikely industries that need graphic designers

construction-workerThere is not one industry that doesn’t need graphic design. Everyone needs a logo, business cards and stationery. But when going after clients, we graphic …

Using Testimonials to Land New Jobs

As a freelance copywriter or designer, one low cost way to promote your business or services is to collect and feature testimonials from past clients.

Being a woman in the world of freelance graphic design

black woman_mediumIn this modern day world, many women business owners still face internal and external challenges in trying to start and further their businesses. Let’s face …

Mother Nature series No. 1: Designs from the sea

I’ve decided to do a series of posts heralding the awesome designs crafted by Mother Nature, beginning with designs from the sea. Be inspired, my …

Three Scary Halloween Design Effects

Halloween is one of the favorite times of the year for many graphic designers and for good reason: No other holiday – and perhaps no …