3 Poster Design Tips

Posters are big, bold and beautiful. When given to clients or prospective customers as a promotion, posters can really help your business stand out.

The …

Graphic design inspiration from national treasures

I believe you can find graphic design inspiration in nearly any environment, especially if that environment is incredibly thought-provoking to begin with. Thus, a visit …

Proper Thank-You Card Etiquette

tulip_thank_you_card1239135404_260A quick, simple and easy way to impress your clients and show a little customer appreciation at the same time is to send out thank-you

What Does It Mean to Be Green?

“Greenwashing” – have you heard the term yet? It refers to companies that claim to be more eco-friendly than they really are, like products that …

A Local Mailing

If you own or operate a small business, sending out direct-marketing mailings targeted and tailored to local residents is a great technique to reach potential …

Sink Your Teeth Into These Vampire Tutorials

With all the excitement surrounding “Twilight” mania, the upcoming Halloween and a new moon this past weekend, I second-guess the notion that zombies are surpassing

Football icon: Branding John Madden

john_maddenWhen I opened my new Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in 1987, I could not have fathomed that a plumber named Mario would spawn a …

Market Your Expertise

Article Marketing is a great way to promote yourself as an expert online and help forge connections with potential clients.

Here’s how article marketing works. First you write a few articles in an area of expertise. For example, you could write about topics in graphic design, copywriting, marketing, art direction or business development.

Halloween facts for marketers

jack-o-lanterns-halloweenThough many publications are reporting horrid tales of Halloween sales figures dropping by 15 percent or more in 2009 (at least one reporter referred to …