Tips for Using Landing Pages With Direct Mail

A landing page is a Web page with content dedicated to a specific campaign, sales offer, product or service. Marketers try to get prospects to visit a landing page in order to capture more information about the prospects or to convince them to sign up for a service or purchase a product.

Mother Nature as Inspiration: Designs from the desert

The third installment in my tip o’ the hat to Mother Earth’s fantastic design work features the deserts of the world, shaped by the winds …

Design a Holiday Greeting Card for Our $10,000 Contest!

If you’re a graphic designer who starts planning for the holidays in the summer, then ’tis the season for PsPrint’s $10,000 Holiday Card Contest! …

Microblogging: embrace or ignore?

Microblogging is becoming a whole new technological ecosystem. You can choose to ignore it or race to embrace it. What it does for your company …

Follow the marketing leader

One of the major obstacles facing a startup is figuring out how to market their product. Be it a hard-line good or a service, if …

What to Do After You Mail

It’s a great feeling when your printer or fulfillment center calls to let you know that your promotion is ‘hot off the presses,’ and entering the mail stream.

To make your mailing a true success, be sure that these four items are on your to-do list.

What Tools Can You Not Live Without?

How many hours each day do you spend in front of the computer or on your smartphone? Just how important to you is technology?

These …

Why Mail, Flyers and Door Hangers Still Work in the Internet Age

n today’s world of online marketing, printed promotions may seem out of date, but they still work- sometimes even better than e-mail.

The e-mail inbox is over-saturated. Between personal and business messages, subscriber newsletters and of course- SPAM, there are hundreds of messages to sort through.

4 Inspirational Sources for Designers

Graphic designers are asked for a lot – they’re expected to come up with an eye-grabbing new logo and then turn around and come up …