Great (and free!) places to download high-res stock photography

You know I love free! One of my pet peeves is blurry pictures. With these great sites, you won’t be on my bad side … …

Upcoming design contests you should enter

awards-2Hurry and enter these cool graphic design contests before it’s too late to submit in ’09. I’ve hand-picked a few of the most original upcoming …

Stand up and testify

Testimonials are a vital tool for any business coming out with any print campaign. Brochures are not the same without at least one testimonial.

Whether …

Food that feeds creativity

Don’t look at that above headline with skepticism! There is food out there that has been proven to help with brain function, longevity and creativity.…

Twitter as a business tool

twitter-logoCompanies are interested in Twitter because they know that conversation is a powerful and persuasive tool on the internet right now and Twitter is where …

15 must-see Photoshop tutorials

If you love Photoshop, you’ll love it even more after learning the techniques in these tutorials:


Coloring skin and body in Photoshop and how to …

Take care of your customer like you are the Apple store

After a recent round of computer problems I found myself in the Apple store purchasing a 30-inch monitor that I didn’t really want. I’ve got a 2½-year old Mac. A few months ago Apple changed the monitor connections to all their computers. This meant that I was not able to simply replace my 23-inch monitor with one off the shelf.

40 ways to increase business

signWant more sales? Try these 40 tips for increasing business and profit.

1. Be nice, all of the time

2. Under-promise, over-deliver

3. Track everything…

What you need to know before you go on your first press check

When you arrive you are greeted by your customer service representative and are lead out to the noisy press floor. There, the pressman has already printed out the first few sheets of your press run. You are shown one, and you need to examine it for quality.