Take care of your customer like you are the Apple store

After a recent round of computer problems I found myself in the Apple store purchasing a 30-inch monitor that I didn’t really want. I’ve got a 2½-year old Mac. A few months ago Apple changed the monitor connections to all their computers. This meant that I was not able to simply replace my 23-inch monitor with one off the shelf.

40 ways to increase business

signWant more sales? Try these 40 tips for increasing business and profit.

1. Be nice, all of the time

2. Under-promise, over-deliver

3. Track everything…

What you need to know before you go on your first press check

When you arrive you are greeted by your customer service representative and are lead out to the noisy press floor. There, the pressman has already printed out the first few sheets of your press run. You are shown one, and you need to examine it for quality.

How to prevent work burnout

We all need a vacation. I have heard this more times than I can count from not just entrepreneurs but everybody that works. The stress …

Tweet Nothings

twitter-logoFor one reason or another Twitter has caught fire and gone mainstream. The main reason , I think, is the instant access to news as …

Pricing your work for what it’s worth

I had to make a crucial decision and surprisingly, it wasn’t when I started my business, but rather right in the middle of my success.…

8 Tips For A User Friendly Website

You can put together the best website anyone has ever seen, but if it is not user friendly it will never be effective or convert …

Three steps to a great speech

give-a-great-speechWhether you speak for a living or just have to deliver a single presentation, you know that pressure to give a great speech can be …

What to look for when checking color proofs

The great thing about today’s office color printers is that it is inexpensive to get printouts at any stage of the design process. As you get close the completion of your project it’s important to print out your project and mock it up to check for color quality and content, plus technical factors.